Behind the Artwork: En Español - Bethel Music

Behind the Artwork: En Español - Bethel Music

This is such an exciting project, not just to work on and be part of, but for Bethel Music and the Spanish language-market church!

“En Español” marks the first Spanish language album from Bethel Music and it’s been such a fun project to work on. As Bethel Music’s first Spanish album and foray into Latin America, there were hurdles to overcome and comfort zones to be stretched and tested — a lot of those, mine!

I would’t say I was overly confident in designing the artwork for this, in fact, I made sure that it was a team effort in the pitch process, so we could get a full spectrum of concept art before committing to one — take note of that one, when you’re faced with something new and potentially daunting, take others with you!

This album came together through the combined creative efforts of GraceHouse Music (Texas) and the Bethel Music creative team in Redding. Once this project was officially green-lit, our team met with Jose Olide from GraceHouse Music and began to dream about what this album could look like.

A selection of the concept artwork for the “En Español” art direction

I’m so proud of the concepts that were brought forward from our team! The designers who worked on this project conceptually were myself and Dario Prieto (our incredible intern and resident Spaniard) Dario’s natural design sense and Spanish-language insight have been invaluable in the artwork conception and album creative production.

Further revision of the “En Español” album art direction

After deliberate back and forth between GraceHouse Music and Bethel Music to ensure we landed on the correct album cover and art direction for this new venture, our teams landed on the cover you see today.

The final album cover concept is simple enough — visually expressing the essence of Bethel Music’s worship; the Spirit of God flowing through our offering of surrender, all centred around Jesus and the cross.

What I love about this artwork is that it’s both a fresh and different art direction for a worship band’s first Spanish language album release — so often when english-speaking musicians release spanish-language albums, they sadly feel like an after-thought — which this was not. So we really wanted to be deliberate and intentional with all aspects of this album.

There’s a decidedly 90s / 00s vibe with this artwork too — which I love! In a strong nod to that era of design, we used a live worship photo of Melissa Helser (something we haven’t since 2011’s Loft Sessions) and put all the type (cover and back) in boxes, pointing to the rich legacy and heritage of revival and praise and worship in Latin America — and that no matter how hard religion might try and keep people inside a box, the Spirit of God is flowing outside the limitations we try and put on Him; beathing NEW life into hearts today!

Full-res “Bethel Music En Español” album cover

Jewel Case (back and front cover) for the “Bethel Music En Español” album artwork

Cover artwork for the 3 singles, “Mi Esperanza Esta En Jesus”, “Promesas No Fallarán” and “Por Siempre”

It’s our prayer that this album would greatly bless you and encourage you on your journey with Jesus.

May this art inspire you and the music speak to your heart and release the Spirit of Revival within you. As you listen, may Jesus encounter you afresh and His river of life and joy would wash over you, filling you with peace and confidence in His goodness and faithfulness!

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