Stephen James Hart is a multi-disciplinary Visual Worship Leader, primarily focused in design, typography and photography.

Originally from New Zealand, he moved to Redding, California in 2015 to join the creative team at Bethel Music, where he currently serves as a designer and art director.

In 2013 he embarked on a 365 typographic/hand lettering blog aptly titled "The 365 Worship Project"Upon it's completion, he encountered the idea of Visual Worship Leadership, it's necessity within the global church, and his passion to see the creativity of Christ lead a generation into freedom.


My passion in life is to see everyday humans stepping into their God-given, God-ordained creative identity. I firmly believe with all my heart that each one of us is creative, regardless of whether you're employed that way or not.

The very essence of my title "Visual Worship Leader" at Bethel Music reflects this passion. Everyone is creative and I believe that as Christians, we're all called to worship our Creator and subsequently lead those around us in worship. If our lives are meant to be lived in joyful surrender to the Creator, then it's our God-given right to lead others in that pursuit; to encourage the Greater Body to see Him glorified in every aspect of our lives - seen and unseen.

The world needs joy. The world needs peace. The world needs love.
The world is in desperate need of creativity. It's His answer for a hurting world.

I believe as children of God made in His glorious image, it's up to us as image-bearers (Kingdom brand-ambassadors) to show humanity what it looks like to worship the Father in spirit and truth. Spirit and Truth worship is what the Father seeks and it's so simple to activate.

To worship is to commune and adore, so to do that - to commune with the Father in whatever ways He's gifted and anointed you in is your spirit and truth worship; your spirit alive in Him, living a life of worship with the very truth of who you are - your unique creative voice.

It's my prayer that you'd discover this calling and you'd come alive in your creative expression of worship.
Please keep in touch, if I can help you in any way - I'd love to hear from you!